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Shaunti Feldhahn


Shaunti Feldhahn

Shaunti Feldhahn possesses a story that befits her unique name. Before she was born, her parents were Peace Corps volunteers to India and chose to name her after the Hindi word for "peace." The family settled in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C. where Shaunti's father, a Ph.D. economist, worked at the World Bank and her mother founded and ran an anti-drug-abuse foundation for a decade before becoming a nurse. From childhood, even into her twenty-somethings, Shaunti's passion was for the stage. She choreographed, danced or sang in more productions than she can count ––– experience that has come in handy now that she fulfills frequent speaking engagements.

Shaunti began her career as an analyst on Wall Street and today is a bestselling author, speaker and nationally-syndicated newspaper columnist. Her recent bestsellers, FOR WOMEN ONLY: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE INNER LIVES OF MEN and FOR MEN ONLY: A STRAIGHTFORWARD GUIDE TO THE INNER LIVES OF WOMEN, have led to great life-change ––– and plenty of fascinating conversation ––– for men and women around the country. She has written two books with youth speaker Lisa Rice: FOR YOUNG WOMEN ONLY, which has already generated a buzz among teenage girls, and FOR PARENTS ONLY: GETTING INSIDE THE HEAD OF YOUR KID. She has also authored two true-to-life spiritual thrillers.

Shaunti's background as an analyst is the launching point for the compelling and eye-opening nature of her books, talks and columns. "What I can do as an analyst is to get you inside the head of the subjects of the book, to show you what they are thinking. My laser-focused objective is to bring surprises to light," Feldhahn states. "I'm not a counselor or a psychologist. I'm just an analyst who happened to stumble across some fascinating surprises and had the ability to dig into them and bring them to other people in ‘sitting down over coffee' terms."

Shaunti's credentials are impressive by any standard. She holds a master's in public policy from Harvard University and a bachelor's in government and economics from The College of William & Mary. Prior to becoming an author, she worked in the financial arena on Capitol Hill and later on Wall Street, analyzing the Japanese financial crisis for the highest level decision makers of the Federal Reserve System.

As a national speaker, Shaunti travels extensively and has shared her findings with millions of people through conferences, television and radio. She has appeared on such diverse media outlets as PBS, TNT, "Soap Talk", "The Alan Colmes Show", "Focus on the Family", "FamilyLife Today" and "The 700 Club". Her weekly opinion columns are printed in fifty newspapers around the country, including the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Chicago Tribune, the Detroit Free Press and the Seattle Times.

Shaunti and her husband, Jeff, with whom she coauthored FOR MEN ONLY, met when both were students at Harvard. The couple began their life together in New York. "Jeff worked 18-hour days for five years, like all New York lawyers," Shaunti recalls. "We wanted kids, and we couldn't raise a family with a dad who never saw them, so we moved to Atlanta." Jeff is now an entrepreneur. He is also a hands-on dad who runs his businesses and legal practice in a way that allows him to step in and care for the couple's two children when Shaunti travels. Shaunti and Jeff share a love of the outdoors and are active leaders in their church. Visit

Shaunti Feldhahn