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Lisa A. Rice


Lisa A. Rice

Lisa Rice’s twelfth grade English teacher was so scary that all but nine of her fellow students dropped the class. Never one to shrink from an artistic challenge, Lisa chose to stick it out. She can still remember the comment that charted the course of her career, written by Mrs. Kelly in the margin of a term paper: Lisa, you strike a chord! Keep writing.

As an author and screenwriter, Lisa finds that the most compelling stories often come from the lives of everyday people. “Everyone has an article, a book and a movie in them,” Lisa says. “I like pulling out the goodies in people.” She is a frequent contributor to books, magazines and newspapers and was the founding associate editor of CHRISTIAN LIVING MAGAZINE.

Lisa partnered with best-selling author (and good friend) Shaunti Feldhahn to co-author FOR YOUNG WOMEN ONLY: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT HOW GUYS THINK, a book based on interviews of hundreds of teenage guys and a groundbreaking national, professional survey. Lisa is already busy speaking to youth groups on her surprising findings about teenage guys and has recently developed an abstinence-based talk that includes some hard-hitting statistics and quotes from teen guys throughout the nation. FOR PARENTS ONLY, her latest collaboration with Shaunti, is set for release in September 2007.

Lisa also writes weekly movie reviews for, a job her son describes as “the best in the whole world ––– they pay you more than a hundred dollars, and they buy your ticket.” For Lisa, movies are more than just entertainment. “Movies are the pulpit of the world. Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear ––– they can find truth,” Lisa reflects. “The world knows how to lay out the issues in the heart of humanity, but they don’t often know how to solve the problems. My calling is to be a bridge to the world system using the media and portraying movies that are so compelling…but then giving the answer from my side of the island.”

Though she earned a degree in business management with an emphasis in communications from Georgia State University, Lisa met her husband, Eric, while both were students at Oral Roberts University. The couple has written a number of screenplays, one of which is in development with Mandalay-Prelude Pictures.

Lisa and Eric live with their preteen son and three teenage daughters near Atlanta, Georgia, in a home that expresses the family’s off-the-charts creativity. The Rice home is filled with messy desks, musical instruments, palettes of paint and post-it notes with messages like: Who left the milk out overnight? In her spare time, she plays the piano for events and helps Eric with his business of making commercials. The Rices also enjoy traveling and scuba diving with their children.

Lisa A. Rice