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Ruth Reid


Ruth Reid

Ruth Reid

Books by Ruth Reid

by Beth Wiseman, Kathleen Fuller, Ruth Reid, and Tricia Goyer - Christian, Christian Fiction, Fiction, Romance

Celebrate Second Christmas, a treasured, lighthearted time of community, with four Amish romances. Featured in AN AMISH SECOND CHRISTMAS are “When Christmas Comes Again” by Beth Wiseman, “Her Christmas Pen Pal” by Ruth Reid, “A Gift for Anne Marie” by Kathleen Fuller and “The Christmas Aprons” by Tricia Goyer.

by Beth Wiseman, Ruth Reid, and Mary Ellis - Christian, Christian Fiction, Fiction

AN AMISH MIRACLE is composed of three Amish novellas written by three bestselling authors. Beth Wiseman writes "Always Beautiful," about a depressed 18-year-old suffering from obesity; Ruth Reid contributes "Always His Providence," in which a widow is in danger of losing her farm due to delinquent taxes; and from Mary Ellis comes "Always in My Heart," about a mother who believes God is punishing her for giving up her firstborn son when she was a teenager.