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Paul David Tripp, M. Div., D. Min.


Paul David Tripp, M. Div., D. Min.

Have you ever wished to be a part of something far bigger than your own small existence? Have you wanted to invest yourself in something truly worthwhile? In his new book, A QUEST FOR MORE, Paul David Tripp tells us that deep down we all long to touch the glory of God’s kingdom. And our great gift from God is that he has “hardwired” us for glory.

Tripp’s new release challenges the reader to leave behind the “kingdom of self” and the world of “I, Me, Mine” to reach toward the kingdom of God. He asks us to reconsider one of the central lessons of the New Testament --- what did Jesus mean when he called us to “seek first his kingdom”?

A QUEST FOR MORE brings the concept of transcendence to where “the rubber meets the road of daily life.” And though our journey to God’s kingdom begins by determining a purpose for our lives, reaching our destination demands so much more. “It is a good thing to have purpose,” Tripp tells us, “but if your purpose isn’t tied to Glory, you have still denied your humanity.” A QUEST FOR MORE shows us what transcendence looks like at “street-level” and teaches us how we can live within God’s kingdom each and every day.

Using the sound logic and compelling illustrations which we have come to appreciate in his earlier works (AGE OF OPPORTUNITY, INSTUMENTS IN THE REDEEMER’S HANDS, HOW PEOPLE CHANGE and RELATIONSHIPS: A Mess Worth Making), Tripp maps for us a path toward transcendence into the glory of God.

Tripp’s upbringing in a strong Christian family in America’s heartland taught him that practical approaches can help us come to grips with even the most mysterious aspects of our faith. And in this manner he outlines the method by which we can live not only a purposeful life, but also a life which is bound for glory. By overcoming the lure of the “kingdom of self,” we can connect all that is fully human in our lives with the holy, infinite and eternal “kingdom of God.”

A QUEST FOR MORE affirms that God has chosen us for glory. Our task is to accept his great gift.

Paul David Tripp, M. Div., D. Min.