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Leesa Cross-Smith


Leesa Cross-Smith

Leesa Cross-Smith is a homemaker and the author of EVERY KISS A WAR and WHISKEY & RIBBONS. She lives in Kentucky with her husband and children.

Leesa Cross-Smith

Books by Leesa Cross-Smith

by Leesa Cross-Smith - African American Interest, Contemporary Fiction, Family Life, Fiction, Women's Fiction

On a rainy October night in Kentucky, recently divorced therapist Tallie Clark is on her way home when she spots a man precariously standing on the edge of a bridge. Without a second thought, Tallie pulls over and jumps out of the car into the pouring rain. She convinces the man to join her for a cup of coffee, and he eventually agrees to come back to her house, where he finally, reluctantly, shares his first name: Emmett. Over the course of the emotionally-charged weekend that follows, Tallie makes it her mission to provide a safe and comfortable space for Emmett, although she doesn't confess that she works as a therapist. However, Emmett is not the only one who needs help --- and he has secrets of his own.

by Leesa Cross-Smith - Fiction, Short Stories, Women's Fiction

From Kentucky to the California desert, these 42 short stories --- ranging from the ’80s and ’90s to present day --- expose the hearts of girls and women in moments of obsessive desire and fantasy, wildness and bad behavior, brokenness and fearlessness, and more. On a hot July night, teenage girls sneak out of the house to meet their boyfriends by the train tracks. Members of a cult form an unsettling chorus as they proclaim their adoration for the same man. A woman luxuriates in a fantasy getaway to escape her past. A love story begins over cabbages in a grocery store, and a laundress's life is consumed by her obsession with a baseball star. After the death of a sister, two high school friends kiss all night and binge-watch Winona Ryder movies.