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Larry Correia


Larry Correia

Larry Correia is the New York Times bestselling author of 25 novels. He's best known for his Monster Hunter International urban fantasy series, the Saga of the Forgotten Warrior epic fantasy series, the Grimnoir Chronicles alternate history trilogy, the Dead Six military thrillers, and the sci-fi GUN RUNNER. He's also written over 60 pieces of shorter fiction, many of which are included in his Target Rich Environment collections, and he has edited three anthologies. He lives in Yard Moose Mountain, Utah with his wife, children and fearsome Krasnovian Waffle Hound.

Larry Correia

Books by Larry Correia

by Larry Correia - Adventure, Fantasy, Fiction, Urban Fantasy

The chaos god Asag has been quiet since the destruction of the City of Monsters, but Monster Hunter International knows that he is still out there. When Owen and the MHI team discover that one of Isaac Newton's Ward Stones is being auctioned off by Reptoids who live deep beneath Atlanta, they decide to steal the magical superweapon and use it to destroy Asag once and for all. But before the stone can be handed off, it is stolen by a mysterious thief with ties to MHI and the Vatican's Secret Guard. It's a race against time, the Secret Guard, a spectral bounty hunter and a whole bunch of monsters to acquire the Ward Stone and use it against Asag. For as dangerous as the chaos god is, there is something much older --- and infinitely more evil --- awakening deep in the jungles of South America.

by Larry Correia - Adventure, Fantasy, Fiction, Historical Fantasy, Historical Fiction

After the War of the Gods, the demons were cast out and fell to the world. Mankind was nearly eradicated by the seemingly unstoppable beasts, until the gods sent the great hero, Ramrowan, to save them. He united the tribes, gave them magic and drove the demons into the sea. Yet as centuries passed, Gods and demons became myth and legend, and the people no longer believed. Ashok Vadal has been chosen by a powerful ancient weapon to be its bearer. But Ashok isn’t who he thinks he is, and when he finds himself on the wrong side of the law, the consequences lead to rebellion, war and destruction.