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Monster Hunter Bloodlines


Monster Hunter Bloodlines

Well, here we are again. Summer is reaching its last legs, trying to hold on against the encroachment of autumn as September rolls by. October looms, bringing hoodie weather, fire pits and Halloween. And what goes better with all of those things than good old-fashioned monsters?

To fill that need, Larry Correia once again has delivered a full frontal assault to bookshelves everywhere with the latest installment in his Monster Hunter series, MONSTER HUNTER BLOODLINES. As you would expect, if you’ve followed along with the previous novels in this line, it is a rip-roaring adventure filled with action, suspense, humor and, well, monsters.

"MONSTER HUNTER BLOODLINES is a frenetic adventure, a thrill ride from beginning to end, and a prime entry in an alternate world that is a pleasure to visit."

It all starts off simply enough. Owen Z. Pitt, our eyes and ears for the series, is monitoring a situation with his companions from Monster Hunter International. It seems that someone is involved in a supernatural arms deal in Atlanta, and they’re holding tight to be able to sweep in and save the day once it goes through. But when does anything go as planned?

Snake cultists show up to make the purchase, but things get a little worse when Stricken shows up. Yes, Stricken is a thorn in the side of just about everyone. He’s a grade-A pain in the posterior, and everyone would just love to take a shot at him. But cue a third entry: a nimble and effective female motorcyclist who crashes the deal, kicks some supernatural booty, and flees with the prize --- in this case, a Ward Stone, a device crafted by Isaac Newton that can bring down powerful demons and even Old Gods.

Now she has everyone after her: Monster Hunter International, the MCB, Stricken, the snake cult, some holy warriors, and a haunting fiend known as a Drekavac. This particular baddie is made of blue fire, rides a hell horse, and runs with hell hounds and birds. The best part? He can’t really be killed. Well, not unless you kill his ever-strengthening shape 13 times over the course of one evening. This demon spawn used to be a witch slayer back in his mortal life, and he looks the part, sporting a getup that mimics the main character ripped from the pages of Robert E. Howard’s Solomon Kane series.

MONSTER HUNTER BLOODLINES drops you into the action within the first two pages, and it truly does not let up until the final chapter begins to unroll. With so many groups pushing to obtain the Ward Stone for their own individual ends, it becomes a game of leapfrog and one-upsmanship as they maneuver and shift around each other in an attempt to capture Sonya, the shapeshifter who stole it and is looking to make the biggest buck she can in selling it. Deals are made left and right, and things are set to hit the fan when Owen, the Drekavac, Sonya, Stricken and Agent Franks square off as the struggle to gain the Ward Stone reaches its pinnacle.

You can’t enter the Monster Hunter universe and not be surrounded by a creative and fantastical cast of characters. You have your standard humans, of course, but then you add in werewolves, a lich, the Fey, shapeshifters, snake men, trolls and rats that give the ones from NIMH a run for their money. Take these and plant them in Atlanta, especially during Dragon Con, and you have the makings of some high-quality entertainment.

Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter universe is a serious place. The fate of the world rests in the balance on every page. The battles are intense, fast and engaging, the humor will make you chuckle out loud, and by the time you close the book, you will be thankful that you were able to sit back and just have fun. MONSTER HUNTER BLOODLINES is a frenetic adventure, a thrill ride from beginning to end, and a prime entry in an alternate world that is a pleasure to visit.

Reviewed by Stephen Hubbard on September 17, 2021

Monster Hunter Bloodlines
by Larry Correia