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Jim Prime


Jim Prime

Jim Prime has been interested in writing since his days as a high school student at Islands Consolidated School in Freeport, NS. After graduating from Acadia University in 1971, Jim gained employment at Gage Publishing and has worked in the publishing world ever since.

His big break as a writer came in 1980, ironically while he was in hospital. He wrote a letter to Ted Williams, the former Boston Red Sox batting star and asked for a chance to interview the man known throughout baseball as the Splendid Splinter. "I had been a fan of Ted Williams since I read his autobiography in my late teens," says Jim. "To me he was an inspirational guy, someone who had set a goal for himself and refused to stop until he attained it. That appealed to me." The letter elicited a positive response and Williams subsequently invited Jim to his salmon fishing lodge on New Brunswick's Miramichi River. The visit resulted in an interview that appeared in the pages of the Halifax Chronicle-Herald, Baseball Digest, and Baseball Cards magazine. Jim continued to visit Ted every summer and several years later convinced him to co-author a book entitled TED WILLIAMS' HIT LIST, a ranking of the greatest hitters of all time. "I wore him down," suggests Prime. "He once called me 'the most persistent son-of-a-bitch I've ever met,' and that remains one of the highest compliments I've ever received." The book did extremely well in both Canada and the U.S. and was the inspiration for the Ted Williams Hitters Hall of Fame at the Ted Williams Museum in Florida. HIT LIST spawned several other books, including TED WILLIAMS, A TRIBUTE; TALES FROM THE RED SOX DUGOUT; MORE TALES FROM THE RED SOX DUGOUT; FENWAY SAVED; THE LITTLE RED SOX BOOK; RED SOX ESSENTIAL, and most recently BASEBALL ECCENTRICS.

Jim holds a BA and BED from Acadia and while pursuing his studies at the Annapolis Valley school, was on the staff of the Athenaeum, the campus newspaper.

In addition to the 11 books he has written, he has contributed to several others and has penned a number of magazine and newspaper articles on baseball, boxing and other sports. A short story entitled "The Magic Baseball Card" has been published in several elementary and junior high school anthologies.

Jim served as editor of the Acadia Alumni Bulletin and also created and edited The AxeNews, a publication for Acadia's Department of Athletics. He lives in New Minas, Nova Scotia with his wife Glenna.

Books by Jim Prime

by Bill Nowlin and Jim Prime - History, Nonfiction, Sports

From the Curse of the Bambino to the Zen of Zimmer, BLOOD FEUD dissects the pivotal personnel trades and transactions, the tangles, and the tirades that continue to add gasoline to the fire. Drawing on historical research, original interviews with players from both sides, and discussions with fans of each team, BLOOD FEUD: the Red Sox, the Yankees, and the Struggle of Good versus Evil is mixed with humor, philosophical musings, anecdotes, and innumerable enlightening factoids.