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Bill Nowlin


Bill Nowlin

Bill Nowlin was one of the first fans to the mound when Jim Lonborg induced the final out and the Red Sox won the 1967 pennant. He is national Vice President of the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) and the author of nearly 20 books on the Red Sox or Red Sox players, the most recent being TED WILLIAMS AT WAR and LOVE THAT DIRTY WATER: The Standells and the Improbable Victory Anthem of the Boston Red Sox (both from Rounder Books.) He has written Johnny Pesky's biography (MR. RED SOX) and co-edited a series of Red Sox "team books" written by numerous SABR authors that focus on different years when the Red Sox fielded exceptional teams, including: '75: The Red Sox Team that Saved Baseball (2005); THE 1967 IMPOSSIBLE DREAM RED SOX (2007); WHEN BOSTON HAD THE BABE: The 1918 Red Sox (2008); and LEFTY, DOUBLE-X, AND THE KID: The 1939 Red Sox, a Team in Transition (2009). Bill is also co-founder of Rounder Records of Cambridge, Massachusetts. He's traveled to more than 100 countries, but says there's no place like Fenway Park.

Books by Bill Nowlin

by Bill Nowlin and Jim Prime - History, Nonfiction, Sports

From the Curse of the Bambino to the Zen of Zimmer, BLOOD FEUD dissects the pivotal personnel trades and transactions, the tangles, and the tirades that continue to add gasoline to the fire. Drawing on historical research, original interviews with players from both sides, and discussions with fans of each team, BLOOD FEUD: the Red Sox, the Yankees, and the Struggle of Good versus Evil is mixed with humor, philosophical musings, anecdotes, and innumerable enlightening factoids.