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Janice Cantore


Janice Cantore

Janice Cantore is a retired Long Beach police officer who now writes suspense novels to keep readers engrossed and leave them inspired. Her 22 years of experience on the force lend authenticity to her stories. Her Pacific Coast Justice series has met with critical acclaim. CRITICAL PURSUIT is the first book in her latest series.

Books by Janice Cantore

by Janice Cantore - Christian, Christian Fiction, Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Officer Brinna Caruso wants perfection --- perfect justice and a perfect world. She wants to save and protect all the innocents in the world, no matter the cost. After a dead girl is found in the river with a mysterious tattoo on her hip, homicide detective Jack O’Reilly asks for Brinna’s help. Unaware of the depths of evil that will be uncovered, Brinna finds herself flung into a dangerous frontier --- an organized human trafficking ring.

by Janice Cantore - Christian, Christian Fiction, Fiction, Romance, Suspense, Thriller

Officer Brinna Caruso has built a reputation at the precinct as the cop to call when a child goes missing. For Brinna, it’s personal because she was once one of them. When a man surfaces with an MO similar to the criminal who abducted Brinna 20 years earlier, Brinna and her new partner, Detective Jack O'Reilly, must work together to catch the kidnapper, and finally allow Brinna the peace stolen from her as a child.

by Janice Cantore - Christian, Christian Fiction, Fiction, Mystery, Romance

When Officer Carly Edwards finds three young gangbangers shot execution-style, she and her husband, Sergeant Nick Anderson, head of the gang unit, fear Las Playas may be on the verge of a gang war. As she prepares to testify at a major trial, Carly’s reputation is shredded by a reporter apparently trying to discredit her professionally. Facing pressure on all fronts, Carly must rely on faith and trust God in a deeper way during one of the biggest struggles of her career.

by Janice Cantore - Christian, Christian Fiction, Fiction, Mystery, Romance

Slow to recover from an injury, Carly Edwards' ex-husband, Nick, begins pulling away just as they were starting to get close again. Meanwhile, when Joe’s wife lands in the hospital with a mysterious illness, their baby is kidnapped. As Carly chases down every lead in a desperate search to find the baby, her newfound faith is pushed to its limits.

by Janice Cantore - Christian, Fiction, Mystery, Romance

Detective Carly Edwards hates working in juvenile --- she wants to be back on patrol where she can get some action. And as a case with troubled youth Londy Atkins heats up, she gets more than what she bargained for.