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Jane L. Rosen


Jane L. Rosen

Jane L. Rosen is an author, screenwriter and Huffington Post contributor. She lives in New York City and Fire Island with her husband and three daughters.

Jane L. Rosen

Books by Jane L. Rosen

by Jane L. Rosen - Fiction, Women's Fiction

When Eliza Hunt created The Hudson Valley Ladies’ Bulletin Board 15 years ago, she was happily entrenched in her picture-perfect suburban life. Now, with an empty nest and a crippling case of agoraphobia, the once-fun hobby has become her lifeline. So when a rival parenting forum threatens the site’s existence, she doesn’t think twice before fabricating a salacious rumor to spark things up a bit. It doesn’t take long before that spark becomes a flame. Across town, new mom and site devotee Olivia York is thrown into a tailspin by what she reads on the Bulletin Board. Allison Le is making cyber friends with a woman who isn’t quite who she says she is. And Amanda Cole, Eliza’s childhood friend, may just hold the key to unearthing why Eliza can’t step out of her front door.

by Jane L. Rosen - Comedy, Fiction, Humor, Romance

Natalie is a Bloomingdale’s salesgirl mooning over her ex-boyfriend; Felicia has been quietly in love with her boss for 17 years; and Andie is a cynical private detective who specializes in cheating husbands. For these three women, as well as many others --- a young model fresh from Alabama, a Hollywood star making her Broadway debut, an unemployed Brown grad who’s been faking a fabulous life on social media --- everything is about to change...and all thanks to the power of one perfect little black dress.