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Ginny Aiken


Ginny Aiken

Former newspaper reporter Ginny Aiken discovered books at a very early age, writing her first novel at age fifteen. She is the author of the Silver Hills Trilogy, the Deadly Décor Mysteries, and PRICED TO MOVE. A frequent speaker at women’s events and writers’ conferences, Ginny lives with her husband in Columbia, Pennsylvania. Check out her website at to find out more about her, her books, and contest offers.

Ginny Aiken

Books by Ginny Aiken

by Ginny Aiken - Christian, Christian Fiction, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Historical Romance

Socialite Emma Crowell, the victim of a kidnapping, is found by local rancher Peter Lowery, who has no intention of abandoning his livelihood to take her back to civilization until the fall. However, he will provide food, shelter and safety, and in return he expects Emma to earn her keep. As Emma aspires to the picture of womanhood shown in the 31st chapter of Proverbs, Peter comes to realize that he may be underestimating the strength and character behind this woman's beauty.

by Ginny Aiken - Fiction

Inspired by the biblical story of Abigail in 1 Samuel, a Christian woman stands up for what is right, despite life-threatening consequences.

by Ginny Aiken - Christian, Fiction, Historical Romance

When drought has forced farmers in Bountiful, Oregon to mortgage their property, wealthy families decide to buy farmland cheap, then sell to the railford for a profit. Eli Whitman is one of those people. But when Olivia Moore --- who works for, then marries Eli --- is told her family must move according to Eli's terms, she fears for their safety. Will Olivia be able to convince her husband otherwise, and save her family?