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Dolly Alderton


Dolly Alderton

Dolly Alderton is an award-winning author, screenwriter and journalist based in London. She is a columnist for The Sunday Times Style and has also written for GQ, Red, Marie Claire and Grazia. She is the former co-host and co-creator of the podcast "The High Low."

Her first book, EVERYTHING I KNOW ABOUT LOVE, became a top five Sunday Times bestseller in its first week of publication, won a National Book Award (UK) for Autobiography of the Year, and was made into a BBC One TV Series. GHOSTS, her first novel, was published in 2021. DEAR DOLLY, a collection of her agony aunt columns from the Sunday Times Style magazine, was published in 2022 and was also a Sunday Times bestseller.

Dolly Alderton

Books by Dolly Alderton

by Dolly Alderton - Fiction, Women's Fiction

Andy loves Jen. Jen loved Andy. And he can't work out why she stopped. Now he is without a home, waiting for his stand-up career to take off, and wondering why everyone else around him seems to have grown up while he wasn't looking. Set adrift on the sea of heartbreak, Andy clings to the idea of solving the puzzle of his ruined relationship. Because if he can find the answer to that, then maybe Jen can find her way back to him. But Andy still has a lot to learn, not least his ex-girlfriend's side of the story.

by Dolly Alderton - Essays, Humor, Nonfiction, Personal Growth, Self-Help

For three years, Dolly Alderton has been sharing her wisdom, warmth and wit with the diverse universe of fans who have turned to her “Dear Dolly” column seeking guidance on a host of life problems. Dolly has thoughtfully answered questions ranging from the painfully --- and sometimes hilariously --- relatable to the occasionally bizarre. Without judgment, and with deep empathy informed by her own, much-chronicled adventures with love, friends and dating, Dolly helps us navigate the labyrinths of life. In DEAR DOLLY, she brings together her collected knowledge in one invaluable volume that will make you think, make you laugh, and help you confront any conundrum or crisis.

by Dolly Alderton - Comedy, Fiction, Romance, Women's Fiction

Nina Dean is about to publish her second book. She has a great relationship with her ex-boyfriend, and enough friends to keep her social calendar full. When she downloads a dating app, she does the seemingly impossible: She meets a great guy on her first date. Max is handsome and built like a lumberjack; he has floppy blond hair and a stable job. More surprising than anything else, Nina and Max have chemistry. But when Max ghosts her, Nina is forced to deal with everything she's been trying so hard to ignore: her father's Alzheimer's is getting worse, and so is her mother's denial of it; her editor hates her new book idea; and her best friend from childhood is icing her out.