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Deborah Hale


Deborah Hale

Deborah is a bit skeptical, but her parents assure her she talked at the precocious age of seven months --- and she's been telling stories ever since.

As a child, she devoured the entire canon of fellow Maritimer, L. M. Montgomery. (RILLA OF INGLESIDE and JANE OF LANTERN HILL are favorites). Her prize for winning an essay contest about a local heroine was a colorful volume of Churchill's HEROES OF HISTORY, which sparked her interest in the past.

During a decade spent tracing her Canadian family to their roots in Georgian-era Britain, Deborah uncovered enough fascinating true stories to fuel romance plots for years to come. After studying countless craft articles, entering countless contests and rewriting her manuscript countless times, Deborah was thrilled to win the Romance Writers of America's Golden Heart Award in 1997.

On Valentine's Day of the following year, she sold her first book to the Harlequin Historical line. She has gone on to write many more, with settings ranging from medieval Wales to Whitehorn, Montana, and even her own Atlantic Canada. When Harlequin launched its new fantasy imprint, Deborah was the first in-house author contracted to write for the LUNA imprint.

Deborah and her family live in Nova Scotia, Canada --- a province steeped in history, romance and magic!

Deborah Hale

Books by Deborah Hale

by Deborah Hale - Christian, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Historical Romance, Holiday, Romance

When Captain Gideon Radcliffe inherits the entailed estate of Knightley Park, he gets more than he expected in the shape of his late cousin’s two orphaned young daughters and their fiercely protective governess.