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Cesca Major


Cesca Major

Cesca Major is a novelist and screenwriter. She has written 14 novels under different names and her books have been published in more than 10 countries. She has been nominated for the RNA's Romantic Comedy Award, HWA Gold Crown and the CWA Gold Dagger Award. She currently has TV shows in development with Monumental Television, Roughcut, Tickled Pink, Sky Studios and the BBC. 


Her latest book, MAYBE NEXT TIME, is a Groundhog Day love story about Emma, a stressed working mother who loses her husband at the end of a busy day only to wake to find him alive the next morning.


Cesca has presented shows for ITV West and Sky Channels in the past. She enjoys hosting or speaking on panels and films vlogs about the writing process. She runs writing retreats twice a year, is a writing mentor for the Black Girl Writers, and has taught creative writing for Jericho Writers & the Henley School of Art. Cesca lives in Berkshire with her husband, son and twin girls.

Cesca Major

Books by Cesca Major

by Cesca Major - Fiction, Women's Fiction

It is an ordinary Monday, and harried literary agent Emma is flying out of the door. Preoccupied with work and her ever-growing to-do list, she fails to notice that her lovely husband Dan seems bereft, her son can barely meet her eye, and her daughter won’t go near her. As she rushes back through the door for dinner, Dan is still upset. They fight, and he walks out. Just as she realizes it is their anniversary, she hears the screech of brakes. Dan is dead. The next day Emma wakes up…and Dan is alive. It’s Monday again. And again. And again. Emma tries desperately to change the course of fate by doing different things each time she wakes up. But will she have the chance to find herself again, remember what she likes about her job, reconnect with her children and love her husband?