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Catherine Fisher


Catherine Fisher

Catherine Fisher

Books by Catherine Fisher

by Catherine Fisher - Fantasy, Fiction, Young Adult 12+

Catherine Fisher’s new series is being released in four consecutive months this summer. The first installment, THE DARK CITY, is set in a world crumbling into disorder and darkness. The Order once guarded ancient relics with mysterious powers, but these relics --- and the Order itself --- are now outlawed by the Watch. A Relic Master and his apprentice set out on a journey to uncover a relic powerful enough to save their world.

by Catherine Fisher - Fantasy, Young Adult 12+

Incarceron is a self-sustaining prison with a mind of its own. One prisoner, 17-year-old Finn, doesn’t believe he belongs. As Finn navigates the dangerous world of Incarceron, he finds help in the most unsuspecting person --- the daughter of the Warden. Escape seems impossible, however, because Incarceron is always watching!