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The Lost Heiress: Relic Master, Book Two


The Lost Heiress: Relic Master, Book Two

Ever since Raffi and Galen contacted the Makers in their journey to Tasceron, they've had to stay one step ahead of the Watch and the warlord who hunts them. While celebrating the feast of Flainsdeath, they are given a vision that suggests the Interrex --- heir to their broken empire --- may still exist. If so, she is in terrible danger from the Watch. With no direction beyond what is glimpsed in their vision, Galen and Raffi set out to find her.

The Watch also seeks the Interrex with Raffi's former friend and companion, Carys, leading the hunt. Carys has her own reasons for returning to the Watch. She wants to find out who she was before the organization turned her into a ruthless spy. But the only place that will have a record of her origins is in the Tower of Song, once the seat of the Makers now held by the Watch. The Tower of Song contains all the records of the Watch, and in this broken palace, there are also records of the time before. Plagued by rain and despair, its labyrinth of corridors harbors more than secrets. It also hides monsters, which are as dangerous and deadly as the Watch Carys still serves.

THE LOST HEIRESS is the second book in Catherine Fisher's Relic Master series, which is being released in four consecutive installments this summer. Book Two deepens the mysteries established in THE DARK CITY. As Galen and Raffi travel across the broken landscape, they come to the Unfinished Lands, a place where all creation is being undone into destruction and chaos. Hidden within these lands is Artelan's Well, a place apart from the world where keepers go to gain wisdom or be healed. But it also harbors the Pits of Maar where the Margrave, a creature of pure evil, is rumored to hide.

The travelers are guided by Galen's faith. Now in possession of incredible powers, he believes he is a living emissary of the Makers. His visions and fierce certainties stop even warlords in their tracks. He is a driven man; everyone who comes in contact with him, including his apprentice Raffi, is swayed by his ceaseless quest and powerful vision. When the group becomes prisoner to one of the warlord's thieves, the thief must feed them all to keep them alive. "I tell you this keeper," the thief says, horrified by how starved they are, "we may be thieves, but we take more care of our own than you do."

As she did in INCARCERON, Catherine Fisher weaves an engrossing tale where technology has meshed with faith to create a powerful new mythology. Relic Master is a saga of torn beliefs and loyalties, where certainty has become a powerful weapon leveled against those who would doubt. Even as she is told by her mentor and handler that "the whole world is the Watch now. You'll never get away from it. It's even in you. Deep in you. And it always will be!" Carys can't help but be swayed by Galen's certainty and Raffi's kindness. Luckily, readers eager for the next installment will not have to wait long for the July 12th release of THE HIDDEN CORONET, the third and next-to-last book in the series.

Reviewed by Sarah A. Wood on June 14, 2011

The Lost Heiress: Relic Master, Book Two
by Catherine Fisher

  • Publication Date: June 14, 2011
  • Genres: Fantasy, Fiction, Young Adult 12+
  • Hardcover: 384 pages
  • Publisher: Dial
  • ISBN-10: 0803736746
  • ISBN-13: 9780803736740