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Amy E. Reichert


Amy E. Reichert

Amy E. Reichert is an author, wife, mom, Wisconsinite, amateur chef and cider enthusiast. She earned her MA in English Literature and serves on her library’s board of directors. She’s a member of Tall Poppy Writers.

Books by Amy E. Reichert

by Amy E. Reichert - Fiction, Romance, Women's Fiction

With a name like Astra Noel Snow, holiday spirit isn’t just a seasonal specialty --- it’s a way of life. But after a stinging divorce, Astra’s yearly trip to the Milwaukee Christmas market takes on a whole new meaning. She’s ready to eat, drink and be merry, especially with the handsome stranger who saves the best kringle for her at his family bakery. For Jack Clausen, the Julemarked with its snowy lights and charming shops stays the same, while the world outside the joyful street changes, magically leaping from one December to the next every four weeks. He’s never minded living this charmed existence until Astra shows him the life he’s been missing outside of the festive red brick alley.

by Amy E. Reichert - Fiction, Romance

For Sabrina Monroe, moving back home to the Wisconsin Dells means returning to the Monroe family curse: the women in her family can see spirits who come to them for help with unfinished business. Molly, a bubbly rom-com-loving ghost, stuck by Sabrina's side all through her lonely childhood. Her personal life starts looking up when Ray, the new local restaurateur, invites Sabrina to his supper club, where he flirts with her over his famous Brandy Old-Fashioneds. He's charming and handsome, but Sabrina tells herself she doesn't have time for romance --- she needs to focus on finding a job. Except the longer she's in the Dells, the harder it is to resist her feelings for Ray.

by Amy E. Reichert - Fiction

Talented chef Lou works tirelessly to build her beloved --- yet struggling --- French restaurant Luella's into a success. Looking forward to her wedding and laughing with her employees, it's smooth sailing. Until the morning she discovers her fiance in the buff with an intern. Meanwhile, the day that a mean-spirited review of Luella's runs courtesy of a food critic named Al, the two cross paths in a pub. It’s only a matter of time before the two fall in love. But when the truth about the review comes out, can Lou overlook the past to chase her future?