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Alyson Foster


Alyson Foster

Author and novelist Alyson Foster was born in St. Louis, Missouri and grew up in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. She studied creative writing at the University of Michigan and received a M.F.A. from George Mason University, where she was a Completion Fellow. 

Alyson lives in the Washington, D.C. area with her husband and a canine that sheds like an old rug.

Alyson Foster

Books by Alyson Foster

by Alyson Foster - Family, Family Life, Fiction, Romance, Suspense

Jess Frobisher is a botany professor at the local university. Her husband, Liam, works for a space tourism company called Spaceco, which has just become front-page newsafter an accident. A husband-and-wife filmmaking team approaches Liam about making a Spaceco documentary. Hoping to salvage the company’s reputation, Liam agrees, allowing them access to his homelife. Jess soon becomes a focus of their film, even as --- or perhaps because --- she is excluded from her husband’s darkest secrets. GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT unfolds through a series of e-mails from Jess to her colleague Arthur, away on sabbatical. He is a safe correspondent, removed from the maelstrom, but their relationship is freighted by some secrets of its ownthe details slowly revealing themselves in this debut of masterful storytelling.