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Sue Grafton, author of Y is for Yesterday

Y IS FOR YESTERDAY begins in 1979, when four teenage boys from an elite private school sexually assault a 14-year-old classmate --- and film the attack. Not long after, the tape goes missing and the suspected thief, a fellow classmate, is murdered. In the investigation that follows, one boy turns state’s evidence, and two of his peers are convicted. But the ringleader escapes without a trace. Now, it’s 1989 and one of the perpetrators, Fritz McCabe, has been released from prison.

Week of July 30, 2018

Paperback releases for the week of July 30th include Y IS FOR YESTERDAY, which finds private investigator Kinsey Millhone confronting her darkest and most disturbing case, and marks the end of the Alphabet mysteries following the passing of Sue Grafton in December 2017; AN ODYSSEY by award-winning memoirist and critic Daniel Mendelsohn, a deeply moving tale of a father and son's transformative journey in reading --- and reliving --- Homer's epic masterpiece; AT THE STRANGER’S GATE, Adam Gopnik’s vivid memoir that captures the romance of New York City in the 1980s; and Nate Blakeslee’s AMERICAN WOLF, the enthralling story of the rise and reign of O-Six, the celebrated Yellowstone wolf, and the people who loved or feared her.