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The Wicked Widow: A Wicked City Novel


The Wicked Widow: A Wicked City Novel

After reading THE WICKED CITY and THE WICKED REDHEAD, the first two books in the Wicked City series, back to back, it was torturous waiting two years for the third novel. So I am happy to announce that the recently released THE WICKED WIDOW is my new favorite from Beatriz Williams.

In 1925, after getting into serious trouble with powerful bootleggers in the previous book, Geneva Kelly (aka Ginger/Gin for her red hair) has recently married Prohibition agent Oliver Anson Marshall, and they are enjoying their honeymoon. But not surprisingly, their respite is short-lived; much to Gin’s dismay, Anson insists on returning to work and going undercover again.

"This series is rollicking fun and a true delight, and I sincerely hope this isn’t the last we see of these beloved characters. Especially Gin, who is one tough broad!"

Meanwhile, in 1998, Ella Dommerich is separated from her husband, Patrick, after she caught him cheating on her. She’s also pregnant with his baby while dating her new love, “hunky” Hector Murray, so things are complicated to say the least. She is also investigating the rich and powerful Hardcastle family. Could there be a connection, and a dangerous one, to Gin?

The story alternates between the two women and time periods --- and as with the earlier entries in the series, I was absolutely immersed in the novel from beginning to end. I loved that THE WICKED WIDOW picked up right where THE WICKED REDHEAD left off. Gin's spunky character is so vivid and real, and her sense of humor made me laugh out loud numerous times. My affection for her returned in full force as soon as I began reading the chapters in her very distinct voice. Additionally, my appreciation for Ella grew exponentially as her personality and storyline exploded.

While THE WICKED WIDOW can be read as a stand-alone, I'd highly recommend reading books one and two first so you can better understand the adventure-filled story, the raucous characters and their hijinks. This latest installment made me gasp, release the breath I didn’t know I was holding, and gave me whiplash…several times. I don’t think you would appreciate all of the twists and turns if you haven’t read them in order. I couldn't believe how much happened here, especially in the second half, and I might have even sworn under my breath a few times. Do you think Gin would be proud? So many loose ends left dangling since the series began were tied up, and so many burning questions were answered.

Those who love a glimpse of Williams’ characters from past books will be hyperventilating over this one. You will be amazed by how many family members stop by and provide updates as well as information that is key to the storyline.

As in the first two novels, the love affair between Gin and Anson is powerful, romantic and passionate. Ella’s new relationship with Hector adds yet another layer of romance and intrigue to the story. This series is rollicking fun and a true delight, and I sincerely hope this isn’t the last we see of these beloved characters. Especially Gin, who is one tough broad!

Reviewed by Rebecca Wasniak on November 5, 2021

The Wicked Widow: A Wicked City Novel
by Beatriz Williams