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Critical Praise

“One convincing psychotic is about as much as most thriller writers can handle, but Kepler delivers them by the roomful. It makes you wonder where the Swedes have been keeping him/them all this time. I imagine a cabal of nefarious Stockholm publishers loading bulk orders of Larsson onto cargo planes bound for the U.S. while they rub their hands together over a copy of THE HYPNOTIST stamped not for export. It’s that good. It’s the hard stuff.”
   — Lev Grossman, Time

“Outrageously entertaining.... Kepler makes you feel that if homicidal maniacs really were to start popping up in Stockholm, this is exactly how it would play out.”
   — Laura Miller, Salon

“Expect caffeinated beverages, inclement weather, and severed limbs. A–”
   — Rob Brunner, Entertainment Weekly

“A tale brilliantly immersed in Nordic dread... Kepler provides a master class in noir.”
   — Chuck Leddy, The Boston Globe

“The summer’s likeliest new Nordic hit.”
   — Janet Maslin, The New York Times