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The Decision: Prairie State Friends, Book One

About the Book

The Decision: Prairie State Friends, Book One

Sometimes Jonah feels he must be unlovable...

By a strange turn of events, Jonah Miller was left at the altar by the love of his life back home in Pennsylvania. Seeking to leave heartbreak behind, he moves to Illinois to build a new life, settling into the Amish community of Arthur, as a buggy maker.

The move is working well for the good-hearted Jonah, especially after he meets Elaine Schrock, who hosts Amish dinners with her grandmother in their home in the picturesque little town. But when Elaine’s grandfather suddenly dies, and her beloved grandmother --- her only living relative --- slips into dementia, Elaine must decide between her growing love for Jonah and her determination to provide loving care for her grandmother. The demands on her time and energy are overwhelming; Elaine worries that she can’t meet her caregiving demands and still be the kind of wife Jonah deserves.

Jonah offers to help Elaine --- so do her friends, Leah and Priscilla, but still Elaine has a heartbreaking decision to make. What does the future hold for her --- and what for this gentle man, Jonah?

The Decision: Prairie State Friends, Book One
by Wanda E. Brunstetter