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Sweet Talk


Sweet Talk

Julie Garwood knows that the secret to a bestselling romance novel is a sexy man who is every woman’s type and looks better in a tux than George Clooney, promoted by a book cover that flaunts a perfectly sculpted male physique. Her latest bestselling novel is a decadent guilty pleasure that exceeds every woman’s desires.

SWEET TALK is one of Garwood’s signature romance-plus-passion-equals-happy-ending novels that captivate the reader and can’t be put down. Her beautiful and strong female characters are the equals of her sexy male characters, and when the two meet, it always results in unrivaled passion and fireworks. It’s a recipe for another of Garwood’s wildly successful novels, in which the characters hold to a sense of destiny: “We were meant to be together. I would have found you.”

"SWEET TALK is one of Garwood’s signature romance-plus-passion-equals-happy-ending novels that captivate the reader and can’t be put down."

As a child, Olivia MacKenzie had a rare form of cancer and spent years of her life in a hospital with three other young cancer patients: Jane, Collins and Sam. The four underwent experimental treatment under the care of their father figure, Dr. Pardieu, and the girls formed a lifelong bond that kept them laughing through the tough days of treatment and laid the foundation for eternal friendship. They shared daydreams and Popsicles to soothe the sores in their mouths from chemotherapy and wondered if they would ever live to see their dreams come true.

But Olivia’s illness did not fit into her parents’ affluent lifestyle, as her father traveled in wealthy circles and convinced the idle rich to invest in his Trinity Fund. Olivia had always suspected her father of being a charismatic showman running a Ponzi scheme, and she set out to prove it by joining the IRS.

IRS agent Olivia MacKenzie is onto something big and suddenly finds herself in the middle of an FBI sting, when a handsome hero arrives on the scene to rescue her: “Agent Grayson Kincaid was the James Bond of the FBI: a gorgeous man who loved women.” Grayson exudes the power of a man with a badge and a pistol, but passion is his expertise and the lovely Olivia is his target. He couldn’t have come along at a better time in her life. Romance is just what the doctor ordered.

Trouble erupts when Olivia becomes the target of her father’s shady business associates, who launder drug money and prey on the rich. After she is shot in front of her apartment, Grayson stays close and she feels safe, loved and protected for the first time since her illness. The other girls begin to lose their fear of the return of their cancer as they are able to share in Olivia’s hot pursuit of Grayson and realize that they can all plan futures.

Olivia soon realizes that “with Grayson at her side, she could face anything.” Love conquersall ---illness, loneliness and fear. And best of all, Grayson Kincaid is the epitome of the ideal man Garwood is famous for creating.

Reviewed by Hillary Wagy on October 12, 2012

Sweet Talk
by Julie Garwood