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Shadow Music


Shadow Music

“There once was a princess who lived in a faraway land
called St. Biel. Her home was a magnificent white castle high on
the top of a mountain…” New York Times
bestselling author Julie Garwood writes picturesque, medieval
historical romance that captures readers’ loyalties and
imaginations novel after novel. She paints the Scottish Highlands
with vivid details of green glens, sweeping vistas, and mighty
chieftains and his warriors slaughtering enemies in ferocious
battles --- warriors who look like they’d been
“fashioned by a god of ancient times.” Garwood is a
master of addictive fantasy, and SHADOW MUSIC is

Amidst the stark realities of medieval times, there lives the
daughter of Lady Genevieve, Princess Gabrielle, who grows up
into the lovely Lady Gabrielle, a prized beauty fought over by evil
Barons for her dowry, the coveted Finney’s Flat piece of land
and the secret treasure of St. Biel. Not a shrinking violet kind of
princess, Gabrielle can ride as well as any man, shoot a bow and
arrow with flawless accuracy and speak four languages. She
doesn’t lack for anything --- except a husband to protect

King John decrees that Gabrielle is to marry Laird Monroe, but
before the ceremony takes place, Gabrielle is exiled and her future
is abruptly redirected into the arms of the most feared warrior in
the Scottish Highlands, Laird Colm MacHugh. English brides were not
exactly sought after in medieval times by Scottish lairds, but
passion and love wins over heritage every time --- this is part of
the outline for a searing historical romance novel. Gabrielle is a
“passionate and spirited, beautiful and innocent lady,”
and Colm’s keep welcomes her with cheers and shouts of

Colm possesses “Herculean strength,” wielding a mighty
sword, swift and invincible in battle, and dismay that he is so
besotted with Gabrielle. But even a warrior cannot deny fantasy and
temptation: “…dear God, that mouth could give any man
fantasies.” Inside this staunch warrior is a man with
“tenderness in his kiss.” Strong male characters who
succumb to passions keep female readers turning the pages with keen

The raw power of Colm tempts the innocent Gabrielle. “He
looked strong enough to lift a horse and not break a sweat…
His strength somehow made her feel secure.” Colm’s
kisses make Gabrielle “come alive.” One kiss and their
fates are sealed --- Colm will marry Gabrielle to protect her honor
and pay a debt to his best friend Laird Brodick Buchanan.

The legendary treasure of gold makes Gabrielle a target for
kidnapping, but her loyal guards and Colm’s army of men are
on constant alert and ready for war, defeating enemies swiftly.
Garwood combines temptation, beauty, honor, strength and power to
create believable fantasy. The pages of SHADOW MUSIC come alive
with passion and promise, and an unforgettable gift from warrior to
woman --- words of love.

Reviewed by Hillary Wagy on January 23, 2011

Shadow Music
by Julie Garwood

  • Publication Date: December 30, 2008
  • Genres: Fiction, Romance
  • Mass Market Paperback: 448 pages
  • Publisher: Ballantine Books
  • ISBN-10: 0345500741
  • ISBN-13: 9780345500748