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New York Times bestselling author Sandra Brown’s latest novel, OUTFOX, will keep readers riveted as they try to figure out the clues in this pulse-pounding psychological thriller.

Wealthy women end up dead, their fortunes disappear, and the man who was their last partner slithers away without a trace. The FBI has been trying to put the pieces of these cases together for over 30 years to no avail, because the conman who seduces these poor souls is like a “chameleon, exceptionally good at altering his appearance and adapting to his environment.” After each murder, he targets a new heiress and begins to plot the next crafty deception.

"Fans of Sandra Brown's work will be captured by the book’s signature romance, her surprising clever twists, and the well-crafted ending."

Law enforcement will tell you that all crooks eventually make mistakes; they leave “fingerprints.” FBI agent Drex Easton and his colleagues, Gif and Mike, have been on the trail of the man they first knew as Weston Graham, but have been “outfoxed” every time they get close. His latest alias is true to his usual signature. This time, though, he is married and has surrounded himself with two wealthy women. Drex is determined that this maniac will not get away and moves in next door before he murders again.

Jasper Ford is the conman’s new alias. He is suave, sophisticated, married to wealthy Talia Shafer, and secretly is a financial advisor to their good friend and widow, Elaine Conner. Drex is instantly attracted to Talia and is afraid for her life. The cat-and-mouse game of planting bugs in Jasper’s home, watching his every move, listening to every conversation and reading the mind of a serial killer is a fast-paced race to stay ahead of Jasper’s next murder.

Talia was suspicious of Jasper when her good friend, Marian, was killed in Key West: “A premonition of doom was her constant companion.” Her instincts had been sending up red flags, and little things didn’t add up. When Elaine is killed, she turns to Drex, the man with “tiger eyes” and a “lazy smile,” and his partners to trap Jasper. Jasper is a lethal opponent, but little does he realize that Drex is the son of one of his victims --- giving him a willpower of steel.

What began as retribution for the death of his mother has led Drex to Talia. But can he save her from Jasper’s newest alias? He’s fallen hard and fast for her, bodies keep piling up, clues are solved, and a trap is set for Jasper. Readers are in for an explosive conclusion and will realize that they have been “outfoxed” too. Fans of Sandra Brown's work will be captured by the book’s signature romance, her surprising clever twists, and the well-crafted ending.

Reviewed by Hillary Wagy on August 23, 2019

by Sandra Brown