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Never Never


Never Never

Previously published as three separate novels and now combined into one jaw-dropping, gripping work of romantic suspense and mystery, NEVER NEVER is an irresistible collaboration between bestselling TikTok sensation Colleen Hoover and acclaimed thriller author Tarryn Fisher.

On the day we meet Charlize “Charlie” Wynwood, she is sitting in her average high school, about to take an average test surrounded by other average students. But she doesn’t know any of this. She cannot remember who she is, how she ended up in this classroom, or how she knows anyone around her. All she is certain of is that she is gorgeous and popular and recently has been very mean to a quiet, unattractive girl named Cora (whose nickname is “the Shrimp” due to her diminutive stature).

As she goes through the motions of her school day, Charlie learns one other crucial fact: she is dating and deeply in love with a handsome boy named Silas Nash, and everyone seems to know all the ins and outs of their teenage love affair. Silas plays the part of the doting boyfriend, but when she looks in his eyes she sees something incredibly familiar: fear.

"This twisty, unique novel is full of intrigue that simply won’t let up, a premise that grips you from the first scene, and a love story that feels both universal and deeply intimate."

Having had the same terrifying morning as Charlie, Silas also cannot remember who he is, how he got to school, or why everyone is so obsessed with their relationship. They leave school and use his car’s GPS function to find his house, a sprawling, well-maintained mansion with a housekeeper named Ezra. Playing off their sudden arrival, Silas tells Ezra that Charlie isn’t feeling well and he had to take her home. But he is greeted with an even stranger reveal. Although everyone seems to know that Charlie and Silas have been dating for four years, she hasn’t been there in ages, long enough that Ezra takes note of how nice it is to see her again. She also reminds the teens that she has known them since before they could walk and even then they were in love with each other.

Digging through their personal belongings and gently poking and prodding friends and acquaintances for information, Charlie and Silas learn a bit more about themselves. They weren’t terribly happy, despite what their boxes and boxes of love letters and photographs claim. Both were cheating on one another; their drama was well known throughout the school and, even weirder, among the adults in their lives too. Their love affair was forbidden by their parents, with Silas’ enraged father accusing Charlie of nearly costing his family everything and Charlie’s slurring alcoholic mother threatening Silas with police action if he ever sets foot on their property.

Interestingly, while Silas resides in a lavish mansion, Charlie lives on the rundown side of town, sharing a room with her younger sister. So how could they have known one another since childhood and become so close? And how, when they had everything going for them, did their relationship become so taboo and their treatment of one another turn so cruel?

Already living in a waking nightmare, the teens are shocked to learn that while some patterns of banter and touch come back to them easily and the attraction they feel for one another is real, they don’t seem to recognize the selves that they keep hearing about --- the boy and girl they were yesterday, last week, two years ago. Only 48 hours after they first come to in their high school, they wake up again having lost all their memories of one another. It now becomes clear that someone, somewhere, is protecting a secret. But who, and why?

As Charlie and Silas work together and apart to uncover the mysteries surrounding themselves, their love affair and the feud between their families, they discover a world of manipulation, abuse, and the heartache and drama of young love. With the clock running out and not knowing if they can trust one another or themselves, they will have to remember and reckon with some of the worst betrayals, behaviors and beliefs they’ve ever held. As terrifying as it is to forget, remembering will take real courage.

You simply can’t go wrong with two bestselling authors of suspense writing in tandem, but I was still shocked by how seamless, fluid and gripping NEVER NEVER is. Both Hoover and Fisher bring the very best of their own books and, seemingly, encourage one another to reach even greater heights. Hoover pens her trademark romantic suspense “will they or won’t they?” scenes, and Fisher adds her own talents for domestic thrillers to create a work that succeeds on its own in both genres. This twisty, unique novel is full of intrigue that simply won’t let up, a premise that grips you from the first scene, and a love story that feels both universal and deeply intimate.

Reviewed by Rebecca Munro on March 3, 2023

Never Never
by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher