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It should be the happiest time in Taryn Young’s life. She just got married to the man of her dreams and is at the airport with her new husband, Shep, about to head to Puerto Rico for her honeymoon. But before she and Shep can embark on their romantic getaway, Taryn’s world turns upside down. She makes a last-minute stop to the restroom before boarding the plane, and a bomb goes off, killing dozens of people and wounding many others. The next thing she knows, she’s waking up in the hospital to an FBI agent interrogating her about the whereabouts of her husband.

Airport security cameras showed Shep leaving the airport minutes before the bomb went off. Now it seems that Taryn is under suspicion as an accomplice to the bombing. Shocked and confused, Taryn denies the claims and defends her husband, certain that there must be a good reason for Shep abandoning her in the airport only moments before they were supposed to leave on their honeymoon. But one thing is certain: she will not believe that the man who swept her off her feet in only a few short weeks had anything to do with this horrific act of terror.

"FIREWALL is an action-packed thriller from beginning to end. Just when you catch your breath, it’s taken away again."

FBI agent Grayson Hall is assigned to the case. After talking to Taryn, his gut tells him she is innocent, despite the fact that evidence indicates she very well may be involved in the bombing. But then Taryn flees the hospital before she is officially discharged, and Grayson questions his initial instincts. He has no choice but to presume her guilt.

Taryn is determined to prove her innocence and clear her husband’s name. But it isn’t long before she realizes things aren’t adding up, and Shep wasn’t who she thought he was. Desperate, Taryn goes to the one person she knows she can trust --- her best friend, Clair. When she arrives, her friend is dead and Clair’s daughter, Zoe, is missing. Taryn musters up what strength she has left and sets out to find Zoe and discover the truth.

Eventually, Taryn has no other option but to contact Grayson and plead for his help. They join forces and together make a formidable team as they race against the clock to rescue a little girl and, ultimately, prevent more innocent lives from being lost.

FIREWALL is an action-packed thriller from beginning to end. Just when you catch your breath, it’s taken away again. Author DiAnn Mills proves not only her narrative ability, but also her research proficiency as readers are plunged into the world of FBI investigations into terror. Some of the particulars regarding computer programming may be a bit complex and confusing to the average Joe, but nevertheless are intriguing. However, the characters and the overall story make up for any complicated technical details, and the relationship between Taryn and Grayson is enough to keep those pages turning.

Taryn is a worthy heroine. Despite her world crashing around her, and enduring heartbreak, tragedy, grief and a physical beating, all within 24 hours, she doesn’t give up. Her strength and tenacity are admirable and endearing, prompting the desire to pull out those pom-poms and cheer her on. Grayson is just as likable, as he follows his gut and trusts Taryn, a woman who everybody else --- law enforcement and public media --- has deemed guilty. The romantic sparks between them adds a dimension of tension that only enhances the story. Another character who stands out is Grayson’s Uncle Joe, a retired FBI agent who brings a fresh element of intelligence, support and humor.

The last few chapters are especially explosive, with surprising revelations and a clever ending to the case that readers likely will never see coming.

Suspense and FBI thriller fans should enjoy this fast-paced novel by DiAnn Mills, an author who clearly has made her mark in this exciting genre.

Reviewed by Lynda Lee Schab on August 13, 2014

by DiAnn Mills