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Come Sundown


Come Sundown

In COME SUNDOWN, Nora Roberts’ latest novel, the ruggedness of Western Montana provides an intriguing and captivating backdrop for this story about family and its ties to the land.

The Bodine ranch has been in the family for four generations, and has expanded over the years to include a resort that hosts events for local Montanans. It is also a popular vacation destination for tourists looking to experience the Western lifestyle.

The Bodine and Longbow family bloodlines are as strong and resilient as their land, and members of all four generations are still alive and well on the ranch. The only person missing is Aunt Alice, the sister of Bo’s mother. Alice left town decades ago and hasn’t been seen since, but she is still missed.

Although her great-grandmother, grandmother, mother, father and brothers live and work on the property, it’s now Bo Longbow’s turn to run the resort. Dedicated and resourceful, Bo loves what she does and makes it all work, even in stressful times. She knows well that she carries not only the responsibility of preserving the family legacy, but also the livelihood of the extended family that has grown to include employees from the local area.

"In COME SUNDOWN, Nora Roberts’ latest novel, the ruggedness of Western Montana provides an intriguing and captivating backdrop for this story about family and its ties to the land."

Bo’s well-ordered life is disrupted when handsome Callen Skinner returns from Hollywood. Her brother’s lifelong best friend, Cal calls to mind memories of a teenage crush. Bo also recalls that he has always had a way with horses, so when her stable manager leaves, she asks Cal to take over. He proves to be good with the staff, vacationers and the horses. It isn’t long before both Cal and Bo recognize that there is a serious mutual attraction beginning to kindle. Life on the ranch has never been better.

But then Cal and Bo discover in the snow the body of the young female bartender who worked in the saloon at the resort. The wilderness of Montana reveals a new kind of danger --- murder. Who would do this to an employee and a friend?

As the investigation heats up, a deputy sheriff who is still holding on to an old grudge becomes fixated on Cal as a person of interest in the case. When another woman is found murdered, suspicion against Cal grows. His alibi is suspect, but Bo believes that someone else must be behind the killings and has complete faith in Cal’s innocence.

However, Bo’s family is in for an even bigger shock. A Jane Doe who was found malnourished, exhausted and then hospitalized turns out to be long-lost Aunt Alice. As law enforcement looks into Alice’s story of abduction and captivity, the entire family comes together to help her regain her mental and physical health in hopes that her memory of them will be restored. But the Montana wilderness has another dark mystery for the Bodine and Longbow families to solve. As more of Alice’s story comes to light, they wonder about the man who kidnapped Alice. Is there a connection between him and the killer the authorities are now looking for?

As the dual investigations twist and turn, Bo finds her resourcefulness and strength of character tested as never before by circumstances beyond her control. She has no choice but to fight for everything she holds dear.

Nora Roberts writes about families: their tragedies, strengths and resilience. Readers are welcomed into their stories of love, trust and caring, just as if you were part of the family that Roberts is writing about. This sense of belonging is why so many of her fans (including this reviewer) look forward to her books. They always make us feel like we have come home.

Reviewed by Jennifer McCord on May 30, 2017

Come Sundown
by Nora Roberts