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Catch a Falling Star


Catch a Falling Star

Dr. Kendall Haynes is 36, still single, and focused on her career. Overall, she leads a fulfilling life. Not that she wouldn’t welcome a little romance, but love is just something that has eluded her. While out celebrating her birthday with a few of her best friends, a teenage boy at another table has an allergic reaction to the guacamole. Kendall comes to his rescue and saves his life. Little does she know at the time, but that incident is about to change her life in a huge way.

Being an air force pilot used to be Griffin Walker’s whole life. But he has been grounded because he came down with vertigo, and now he doesn’t know if he’ll ever fly again. To top it off, he lost both of his parents a few months ago and has been named guardian of his brother Ian, who is half his age. Griffin barely even knows the brother his parents adopted when Griffin was in his 20s, much less how to care for him. This fact is confirmed when Ian almost dies while they are eating dinner at a local restaurant. Thank God that doctor was there…

"The dialogue is snappy and fun, and does a fantastic job of moving the plot along at an even pace. Each character is well-rounded and brings a necessary ingredient to the story..."

Kendall and Griffin get off to a rocky start at the restaurant, where Kendall assumes Griffin is Ian’s father. Then, a couple of days later, at Ian’s doctor’s appointment, Griffin is the one who makes the wrong assumption by thinking Dr. Kendall is a man. But, alas, it is this combination of strong personalities that creates the tension that is ideal for a romance novel.

When fellow physician Heath Parker comes along and sweeps her off her feet, Kendall feels she has finally found love. Heath says and does all the right things. So why is it that she always finds herself thinking about Griffin Walker? Especially when she and Griffin can barely have a conversation without arguing, and he has made it very clear he’s not looking for a relationship. His divorce a few years ago has apparently ruined him for love, let alone marriage. Not that Kendall cares. She’s just maintaining contact with him because she’s concerned about his younger brother --- her patient --- Ian.

Yeah, right.

I would describe CATCH A FALLING STAR as unconventional. Yes, it contains the classic elements of any romance novel. There are tension and conflict and personality clashes. There are misunderstandings and miscommunications. And there certainly are moments when I wanted to throttle both Kendall and Griffin for being so stubborn. But for me, the storyline is much more believable than many other contemporary romance novels out there. This is largely due to the exceptional writing style of author Beth K. Vogt, who has created unique characters who deal with situations in a realistic way. The dialogue is snappy and fun, and does a fantastic job of moving the plot along at an even pace. Each character is well-rounded and brings a necessary ingredient to the story, including Kendall’s lovable dog, Sully, a definite scene-stealer.

This book entertains, but it also tackles a few heavy issues in a lighthearted way, which is sometimes difficult to do. The way Griffin and Ian individually --- and very differently --- deal with their parents’ deaths is handled well, as are the issues of Griffin’s divorce and forgiveness of his ex-wife. Both Kendall and Griffin believe in God, and their faith is a large part of their lives. There is also a subplot involving Kendall’s medical receptionist, who is having trouble with her adopted son. I loved how the author tied this situation in with Ian’s adoption.

CATCH A FALLING STAR was my first Beth K. Vogt novel, but it definitely won’t be my last. If you’re like me and haven’t yet had the privilege of reading any of her books, you’re in for a treat. I personally look forward to discovering more titles by this talented author.

Reviewed by Lynda Lee Schab on August 15, 2013

Catch a Falling Star
by Beth K. Vogt