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Better Hate than Never

About the Book

Better Hate than Never

The course of true love is anything but smooth as childhood enemies discover the fine line between love and hate in this heartfelt reimagining of Shakespeare’s "The Taming of the Shrew."

Katerina Wilmot and Christopher Petruchio shared backyards as kids, but as adults they won’t even share the same hemisphere. That is, until Kate makes a rare visit home, and their fiery animosity rekindles into a raging inferno.

Despite their friends’ and families' pleas for peace, Christopher is unconvinced Kate would willingly douse the flames of their enmity. But when drunken Kate confesses she’s only been hostile because she thought he hated her, Christopher vows to make peace with Kate after all. Tempting as it is to be swept away when her nemesis transforms overnight into a caring gentleman who woos Kate with her favorite foods, flowers and flattering words, she doesn’t trust his charming good-guy act.

When Christopher’s persistence and Kate’s curiosity lead to an impassioned kiss, they realize “peace” is the last thing that will ever be possible between them. As desire gives way to deeper feelings, Kate and Christopher must decide if it’s truly better to hate than to never risk their hearts --- or if they already gave them away long ago.

Better Hate than Never
by Chloe Liese