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The Stolen Child

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The Stolen Child

For decades, Nick Burns has been haunted by a decision he made as a young soldier in World War I, when a French artist he’d befriended thrust both her paintings and her baby into his hands --- and disappeared. In 1974, with only months left to live, Nick enlists Jenny, a college dropout desperate for adventure, to help him unravel the mystery. The journey leads them from Paris galleries and provincial towns to a surprising place: the Museum of Tears, the life’s work of a lonely Italian craftsman. Determined to find the baby and the artist, hopeless romantic Jenny and curmudgeonly Nick must reckon with regret, betrayal and the lives they’ve left behind.


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Adelina A. from Bristol, RI
Anita R. from Barrington, IL
Ann A. from Bronx, NY
Ann O. from Beltsville, MD
Belinda M. from San Diego, CA
Bethany S. from Laguna Niguel, CA
Betsy A. from Springfield, IL
Carol S. from Minneapolis, MN
Cynthia J. from Castroville, TX
Debbie B. from Waterville, OH
Diana M. from Westmont, IL
Diane M. from Southern Pines, NC
Jeanne K. from Tallmadge, OH
Joanne L. from Duxbury, MA
Joseph L. from Tacoma, WA
Linda R. from Dunellen, NJ
Luella W. from Elizabeth, MN
Lysette L. from Moorpark, CA
Marsha B. from Brown City, MI
Michelle B. from Blue Hill, ME
Nadine W. from Mechanicsville, ME
Noreen B. from Williamsburg, VA
Sharon C. from Oceanside, CA
Sharon H. from Baker, MT
Sheila S. from Supply, NC

The Stolen Child
by Ann Hood