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Casey Sherman


Casey Sherman

Casey Sherman is an American author, journalist and screenwriter. Several of his books have been made into major motion pictures or are in development.

Casey Sherman

Books by Casey Sherman

by Casey Sherman - Nonfiction, True Crime

In the winter of 1969, the bodies of four young women were discovered in a cemetery near the tip of Cape Cod. In a place once known as Helltown, the victims had been shot, stabbed, dismembered and mutilated. As investigators would soon learn, the perpetrator was a young, handsome serial killer named Tony Costa. A bizarre former taxidermist with a split personality and a penchant for violence, Costa ultimately mobilized friends in the hippie community for support and retribution, and captivated literary icons and rivals Kurt Vonnegut and Norman Mailer. Costa embarked on a daring cat-and-mouse game with investigators, who --- as the body count kept growing --- were desperate to put an end to the killing season on Cape Cod.

by James Patterson, with Casey Sherman and Dave Wedge - Nonfiction, True Crime

With the Beatles, John Lennon surpasses his youthful dreams, achieving a level of superstardom that defies classification. Mark David Chapman once worshipped his idols from afar but now harbors grudges against those, like Lennon, whom he feels betrayed him. He is convinced that Lennon has misled fans with his message of hope and peace --- and he is not staying away any longer. Enriched by exclusive interviews with Lennon’s friends and associates, including Paul McCartney, THE LAST DAYS OF JOHN LENNON is the thrilling true story of two men who changed history: one whose indelible songs enliven our world to this day, and the other who ended the beautiful music with five pulls of a trigger.

by Casey Sherman and Dave Wedge - Nonfiction

Veteran journalists Casey Sherman and Dave Wedge have written the definitive inside look at the Boston Marathon bombings with a unique, Boston-based account of the events that riveted the world. From the Tsarnaev brothers’ years leading up to the act of terror to the bomb scene itself (which both authors witnessed first-hand within minutes of the blast), from the terrifying police shootout with the suspects to the ultimate capture of the younger brother, BOSTON STRONG: A City’s Triumph over Tragedy reports all the facts --- and so much more.