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The Lies I Tell Bets On...

The Lies I Tell

July 2022

I was a huge fan of Julie Clark’s THE LAST FLIGHT and looked forward to seeing what she would do next. THE LIES I TELL did not disappoint. In it, she has two interwoven storylines featuring two women --- one is a con artist, and the other is ready to take her down.

Years ago, Kat Roberts was reporting on a story about an abusive school principal and the girls he had under his spell. She feels she is on to something when she learns that he was ratted out by his own girlfriend. But what happens after this submerges Kat’s career.

Meg Williams is still in vigilante mode, moving across the country with one caper after the next. She carefully chooses her targets; from there, she tracks them down and pounces with skilled moves. She is back in LA, and Kat, who has been keeping tabs on her for years, is ready to take her down. Readers get to shadow both Meg and Kat as they circle each other, while Meg is tossing yet another trap for a man who needs a time of reckoning.

Julie weaves readers in and out of both women’s lives with deft pacing and a sleight of hand at the keyboard that will keep them twisted in many directions. It is great reading. I interviewed Julie recently and loved hearing about how she studied con women to ensure that her characters were right on target.

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The Lies I Tell
by Julie Clark