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Everyone Here Is Lying Bets On...

Everyone Here Is Lying

August 2023

Longtime readers know that I call Shari Lapena “The Queen of the One-Sit Read.” Why? Because once I start reading one of her books, I do not stop. The action peaks at the end of each chapter, and you think, Ah, I can read one more. And you keep going like that. EVERYONE HERE IS LYING lives up to its title. These characters are filled with secrets.

Right at the opener, we realize that William Wooler, who is a doctor, is having an affair. Well, he was until his paramour broke up with him. He heads home, stunned to be alone with his thoughts, when his nine-year-old daughter, Avery, walks through the door. She has been kicked out of choir practice for misbehaving. Avery, who has a lot of issues, is not supposed to walk home by herself. This, coupled with her interrupting his alone time, causes William to strike out at her. He quickly apologizes.

Then, suddenly, Avery is missing. There are many suspects who could have taken her, and the neighborhood is now under a microscope. We learn what people think about Avery, her family, each other…and all their secrets as well. Fingers get pointed. Ideas are shared. The police…well, let’s just say they have plenty of suspects. By the end, a lot has happened, and more than one life has been changed. The last pages are brilliant.

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Everyone Here Is Lying
by Shari Lapena