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Zoran Drvenker


Zoran Drvenker

Zoran Drvenkar was born in Krizevci, Yugoslavia in 1967. He has authored many books for children and teens and believes that a book is a gate to another world. Zoran has worked as a freelance writer for over a decade, writing novels, poems, and plays. He has been nominated for several German literary awards including the Oldenburger Child and Youth Award.

Zoran’s new Scholastic book, TELL ME WHAT YOU SEE is his first title to be published in English. TELL ME WHAT YOU SEE takes place in Berlin on the night of Christmas. Sixteen-year-old Alissa and her best friend Evelin stumble upon a subterranean crypt and a veined purple plant. She severs the dark growth from its roots --- and discovers they are embedded in the heart of the young corpse. After she swallows part of the plant, visions and fevers follow and Alissa discovers she has the power to both heal and hypnotize. But, trapped between the passions of her menacing boyfriend, Simon, and Evelin, her new magic may only bring tragedy.

Zoran lives in Berlin, Germany.

Zoran Drvenker

Books by Zoran Drvenker

by Zoran Drvenker - Crime, Fiction

It's a late-summer night in Berlin and notorious criminal Ragnar Desche isn't too happy. He's just found his brother, Oskar, dead, frozen stiff and sitting in his home next to a swimming pool full of marijuana plants. Someone's flooded the pool and stolen a Range Rover, but what's worse is that Ragnar's huge cache of drugs is missing-and he's going to want it back. Meanwhile, nearby, a group of teenage girls are out at the movies. Thinking about boys and worrying about acne, they notice that the prettiest member of their clique is missing. She hasn't been seen for days, and the trouble she's found herself in is about to set all of the girls on a collision course with the Desche gang and drag them into a fight for their lives --- a fight that might turn out to be more evenly matched than it first appears.