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Yannick Murphy


Yannick Murphy

Yannick Murphy is the author of the novels THE CALL, SIGNED, MATA HARI, HERE THEY COME and THE SEA OF TREES. Her story collections include STORIES IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE and IN A BEAR’S EYE. Her children’s books include THE COLD WATER WITCH, BABY POLAR and AHWOOOOOOOO!.

She is the recipient of various awards including a Whiting Writer’s Award, a National Endowment for the Arts award, a Chesterfield Screenwriting award and her story IN A BEAR’S EYE was recently published in the 2007 O. Henry Prize Stories.

Yannick Murphy

Books by Yannick Murphy

by Yannick Murphy - Fiction, Psychological Suspense, Suspense

At a swim meet, Annie watches as her daughters glide through the water. However, her thoughts drift lazily to Paul, a swim-team parent who has taken notice of her. When a girl on the team is murdered at a nearby highway rest stop --- the same spot where Paul made a gruesome discovery years ago --- Annie and her fellow swim-parents find themselves adrift. With a serial killer too close for comfort, they must make choices about where their loyalties lie.