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Wendy Holden


Wendy Holden

Wendy Holden was a journalist for 18 years, including a decade at the Daily Telegraph. She is the author and co-author of more than 30 books, among them several internationally acclaimed wartime biographies, plus the New York Times bestsellers A LOTUS GROWS IN THE MUD (with Goldie Hawn) and LADY BLUE EYES (with Frank Sinatra's widow, Barbara). She lives in Suffolk, England, with her husband and two dogs, and divides her time between the UK and the US.

Wendy Holden

Books by Wendy Holden

by Wendy Holden - History, Nonfiction

Eastern Europe, 1944: Three women believe they are pregnant, but are torn from their husbands before they can be certain. Rachel is sent to Auschwitz, unaware that her husband has been shot. Priska and her husband travel there together, but are immediately separated. Also at Auschwitz, Anka hopes in vain to be reunited with her husband. With the rest of their families gassed, these young wives are determined to hold on to all they have left --- their lives, and those of their unborn babies.

by Sheila E. and Wendy Holden - Autobiography, Music, Nonfiction

Sheila E., born Sheila Escovedo in 1957, picked up the drumsticks and started making music at the precocious age of three. By 19, she had fallen in love with Carlos Santana. By 21, she met Prince. THE BEAT OF MY OWN DRUM is a walk through four decades of Latin and pop music, as well as a heartbreaking and redemptive look at how music can save a person’s life.