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Virginia Reeves


Virginia Reeves

Virginia Reeves is a graduate of the Michener Center for Writers at the University of Texas at Austin. Her debut novel, WORK LIKE ANY OTHER, was longlisted for the Man Booker Prize and the Center for Fiction’s First Novel Prize, and Booklist named it to their Top 10 First Novels of 2016. Virginia lives with her husband and daughters in Helena, Montana, where she teaches writing and speech at Helena College. THE BEHAVIOR OF LOVE is her second novel.

Virginia Reeves

Books by Virginia Reeves

by Virginia Reeves - Fiction

A passionate, ambitious behavioral psychiatrist, Ed Malinowski is now the superintendent of a mental institution and finally turning the previously crumbling hospital around. He also has a home he can be proud of, and a fiercely independent, artistic wife Laura, whom he hopes will soon be pregnant. But into this perfect vision of his life comes Penelope, a beautiful, young epileptic who never should have been placed in his institution and whose only chance at getting out is Ed. She is intelligent, charming and slowly falling in love with her charismatic, compassionate doctor. As their relationship grows more complicated, Ed must weigh his professional responsibilities against his personal ones, and find a way to save both his job and his family.

by Virginia Reeves - Fiction, Historical Fiction

Roscoe T Martin is a prideful electrician in the 1920s. When his wife, Marie, inherits her father’s failing farm, Roscoe is forced to give up his livelihood. He begins to siphon energy from the state, restoring his happiness and well-being --- for a short while. After an accident causes a young man to be electrocuted, Roscoe is arrested and left to face a 20-year sentence in Kilby Prison. Climbing from the ranks of dairy hand to librarian to “dog boy,” he must overcome his past sins and figure out who he is once again.