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Books by Various

Written by Kevin O'Neill, illustrated by Various - Graphic Novel

In the final Sandman tale, Morpheus made the ultimate decision between change and death. As one journey for the Endless ends another begins for the Lord of Dreams and his family.

Written by Neil Gaiman, illustrated by Various - Graphic Novel

Improbably caught in a June blizzard, two wayward compatriots stumble upon a mysterious inn and learn that they are in the middle of a "reality storm."

Written by Neil Gaiman, illustrated Various - Graphic Novel

The fantastical epic of Morpheus, the King of Dreams, continues as he observes and interacts with an odd assortment of historical and fictional characters throughout time.

by Neil Gaiman and Various - Graphic Novel

Ten thousand years ago, Morpheus condemned a woman who loved him to Hell. Now the other members of his immortal family, The Endless, have convinced the Dream King that this was an injustice. To make it right, Morpheus must return to Hell to rescue his banished love

Written by Neil Gaiman, illustrated by Various - Graphic Novel

During Morpheus's incarceration, three dreams escaped the Dreaming and are now loose in the waking world.

Written by Neil Gaiman, illustrated by Various - Graphic Novel

The third book of the Sandman collection is a series of four short comic book stories. In each of these otherwise unrelated stories, Morpheus serves only as a minor character.

by Paul Norris, Frank Thorne, and Various

Flash Gordon's classic era in comic books returns in a new archival collection from Dark Horse!

by Various - Graphic Novel

Slithering upon the heels of Dark Horse's archive collections of the seminal horror comics magazine Creepy comes its terror-filled cousin publication Eerie!