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Tom Adelman


Tom Adelman

Tom Adelman is originally from California. He currently lives with his family outside Princeton, New Jersey.

He has written two books about baseball as well as six books under the pseudonym Camden Joy. His writing as Camden Joy is fiction about rock and roll, usually set in the 1990s, while his baseball books are non-fiction accounts of the 1975 season (culminating in his classic account of the Red Sox v. Reds 7-game World Series) and the 1966 season (and the unbelievable Orioles v. Dodgers series).

Tom Adelman

Books by Tom Adelman

by Tom Adelman - History, Nonfiction, Sports

The most surprising World Series ever? Many baseball fans would agree that it was the epic 1966 clash between the reigning champion Los Angeles Dodgers and the perennial underdog Baltimore Orioles.
Experts were betting that Los Angeles would sweep it in four. What transpired instead astonished the nation, as the greatest pitching performance in World Series history capped a redemption beyond imagining.