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Tim Davys


Tim Davys

Tim Davys is a pseudonym. He is the author of the Mollisan Town quartet: AMBERVILLE, LANCEHEIM, TOURQUAI and YOK. He lives in Sweden.

Tim Davys

Books by Tim Davys

by Tim Davys - Fiction

Mollisan Town is a dark alternate world populated by stuffed animals that lie, cheat, dream, despair, love and kill. Yok, the seediest district, is a unique place where a cast of damaged animate plush toys explore provocative questions of life, death and morality. The handsome fox yearns for true love, the gecko seeks redemption and freedom from his abusive brothers, the chimpanzee burns for success, and the hare seeks the secret to a meaningful life.

by Tim Davys - Fiction, Mystery

In the neighborhood of Tourquai, Superintendent Larry Bloodhound is the keeper of the peace and ruler of the streets. But there are others more powerful than he --- a cadre of wealthy stuffed animals who live above the law's reach.