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Teresa Driscoll


Teresa Driscoll

For more than 25 years as a journalist --- including 15 years as a BBC TV news presenter --- Teresa Driscoll followed stories into the shadows of life. Covering crime for so long, she watched and was deeply moved by all the ripples each case caused, and the haunting impact on the families, friends and witnesses involved. It is those ripples that she explores in her darker fiction.

Teresa lives in beautiful Devon with her family. She writes women’s fiction as well as thrillers, and her novels have been published in 20 languages.

Teresa Driscoll

Books by Teresa Driscoll

by Teresa Driscoll - Fiction, Psychological Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

It’s their daughter’s graduation, and Rachel and Ed Hartley are expecting it to be one of their family’s happiest days. But when she stumbles and falls on stage during the ceremony, a beautiful moment turns to chaos: Gemma has been shot and is fighting for her life. A cryptic message Gemma received earlier in the day suggests someone close to her was about to be exposed. But who? As PI Matthew Hill starts to investigate, he finds more and more layers obscuring the truth. He even begins to suspect the Hartleys are hiding something big. While Gemma lies in the hospital in a coma, her would-be killer is still out there. Can Matthew unravel the family’s secrets before the attacker strikes again?