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Téa Obreht


Téa Obreht

Téa Obreht is the author of THE TIGER'S WIFE, a finalist for the National Book Award. She was born in Belgrade, in the former Yugoslavia, in 1985 and has lived in the United States since the age of 12. She currently lives in New York City and teaches at Hunter College.

Books by Téa Obreht

by Téa Obreht - Fiction, Historical Fiction, Western

In the lawless, drought-ridden lands of the Arizona Territory in 1893, two extraordinary lives unfold. Nora is an unflinching frontierswoman awaiting the return of the men in her life --- her husband, who has gone in search of water for the parched household, and her elder sons, who have vanished after an explosive argument. Nora is biding her time with her youngest son, who is convinced that a mysterious beast is stalking the land around their home. Meanwhile, Lurie is a former outlaw and a man haunted by ghosts. He sees lost souls who want something from him, and he finds reprieve from their longing in an unexpected relationship that inspires a momentous expedition across the West. How Lurie’s death-defying trek at last intersects with Nora’s plight is the surprise and suspense of INLAND.

by Téa Obreht - Fiction

In a Balkan country, Natalia, a young doctor, is attempting to piece together the mysterious circumstances around her beloved grandfather’s recent death through the extraordinary stories and legends from his past.