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T. I. Lowe


T. I. Lowe

T. I. Lowe is an ordinary country girl who loves to tell extraordinary stories and is the author of nearly 20 published novels, including her debut, LULU'S CAFÉ, a #1 bestseller. She lives with her husband and family in coastal South Carolina.

Books by T. I. Lowe

by T. I. Lowe - Fiction, Women's Fiction

Magnolia, South Carolina, 1980. Austin Foster is barely a teenager when her mama dies giving birth to twins, leaving her to pick up the pieces while holding her six siblings together and doing her best to stop her daddy from retreating into his personal darkness. When a few random acts of kindness help to ease the Fosters’ hardships, Austin finds herself relying upon some of Magnolia’s most colorful citizens for friendship and more. But it’s next to impossible to hide the truth about the goings-on at Nolia Farms, and Austin’s desperate attempts to save face all but break her. Just when it seems she might have something more waiting for her --- with the son of a wealthy local family who she’s crushed on for years --- her father makes a choice that will crack wide open the family’s secrets and lead to a public reckoning.