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Sherry Parnell


Sherry Parnell

Having spent her entire life captivated by books, Sherry Parnell remains struck by the idea that there are boundless experiences and worlds that exist with only the turn of a page. A professor, trainer and writer, she lives with her husband and sons in the Pennsylvania countryside. She is the author of LET THE WILLOWS WEEP and has recently completed her second novel.

Books by Sherry Parnell

by Sherry Parnell - Fiction

In the tradition of the best Southern fiction --- from BASTARD OUT OF CAROLINA to WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING --- Sherry Parnell’s LET THE WILLOWS WEEP is a heart-wrenching portrait of hardscrabble, humble lives in rural America. A keenly observed and unflinching look at the life of Birddog Harlin as she grows up in her dysfunctional family, this novel explores the line between destruction and redemption.