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Scott Simon


Scott Simon

Scott Simon is the host of NPR’s "Weekend Edition with Scott Simon." He has reported stories from all 50 states and every continent, and has won every major award in broadcasting. He also hosts shows for PBS and appears on BBC TV. He is the author of the novels PRETTY BIRDS and WINDY CITY, the memoir HOME AND AWAY, and the history JACKIE ROBINSON AND THE INTEGRATION OF BASEBALL.

Scott Simon

Books by Scott Simon

by Tony Bennett with Scott Simon - Entertainment, Memoir, Nonfiction

At 91, musician and singer Tony Bennett is as vibrant and productive as ever. In addition to his prodigious musical output, including albums, concerts and personal appearances, this beloved and enduring artist has written his next book. In 2012’s LIFE IS A GIFT, Tony reflected on the lessons he has learned over the years. Now, in JUST GETTING STARTED, he pays homage to the remarkable people who inspired those lessons.

by Scott Simon - Memoir, Nonfiction, Sports

The Chicago Cubs' 2016 World Series win marked the end of a 108-year drought in the team's history, and Game 7 will forever be remembered as one of the most thrilling, monumental moments in sports history. For Scott Simon, host of NPR's “Weekend Edition Saturday” and a lifelong Cubs fan, it was a moment he never thought he'd live to see. MY CUBS chronicles Simon's adolescence in Chicago as a die-hard fan to tell the story of the relationship between the team and the neighborhood and city, and how the condition of Cubness has both charmed and haunted the lives of so many fans.

by Scott Simon - Memoir, Nonfiction

When NPR’s Scott Simon began tweeting from his mother’s hospital room in July 2013, he didn’t know that his missives would soon spread well beyond his 1.2 million Twitter followers. Over the course of a few days, Simon chronicled his mother’s death and reminisced about her life, revealing her humor and strength, and celebrating familial love. UNFORGETTABLE expands on those famous tweets to create a memoir that is rich, deeply affecting, heart-wrenching and exhilarating.