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Sara Gran


Sara Gran

Sara Gran is the author of SATURN'S RETURN TO NEW YORK, COME CLOSER, DOPE, as well as three novels featuring Claire DeWitt. Her work has been published in more than a dozen countries. Born in Brooklyn, Sara lived in New York City until 2004. She now lives in Los Angeles and has a successful career writing for television.

Sara Gran

Books by Sara Gran

by Sara Gran - Fiction, Mystery, Noir

As a young girl growing up in Brooklyn, Claire DeWitt (now a private investigator) and her two best friends, Tracy and Kelly, solved many cases together --- until the day Tracy vanished without a trace. Later, in her 20s, Claire is trying to get her PI license by taking on a cold case that has stumped the LAPD. Today, Claire is on her way to Las Vegas from San Francisco when she’s almost killed by a homicidal driver. In a haze of drugs and injuries, she struggles off the scene, determined to find her would-be killer’s identity --- but the list of people who would be happy to see her dead is not a short one. As these three narratives converge, some mysteries are solved and others continue to haunt.

by Sara Gran - Mystery

Though she hasn’t returned since her mentor, Constance Darling, was murdered there, a new case finds tattooed, pot-smoking Claire in post-Katrina New Orleans, where she is investigating the disappearance of a prosecutor known for winning convictions in the homicide-plagued city.