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Samantha Norman


Samantha Norman

Samantha Norman is Ariana Franklin’s daughter. A successful feature writer, columnist and film critic, she lives in London.

Samantha Norman

Books by Samantha Norman

by Ariana Franklin and Samantha Norman - Fiction, Historical Fiction, Historical Mystery, Mystery

England, 1191. After the death of her friend and patron, King Henry II, Adelia Aguilar, England’s vaunted Mistress of the Art of Death, is living comfortably in retirement and training her daughter, Allie, to carry on her craft. Allie is already a skilled healer, with a particular gift for treating animals. When a friend in Cambridgeshire falls ill, Allie is sent to Ely, where her path will cross with Lord Peverill, a young aristocrat who would be a most suitable match for her. A village girl has disappeared --- and she’s not the first. Over the past few months, several girls from the villages surrounding Ely have vanished. When the body of one of the missing is discovered, Allie manages to examine the remains before burial. The results lead her to suspect that a monstrous predator is on the loose.

by Ariana Franklin and Samantha Norman - Adventure, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Historical Mystery, Mystery

A powerful historical novel by the late Ariana Franklin and her daughter, Samantha Norman, THE SIEGE WINTER is a tour de force mystery and murder, adventure and intrigue, a battle for a crown, told by two courageous young women whose fates are intertwined in 12th-century England’s devastating civil war.