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Roy Ratcliff


Roy Ratcliff

Born in Matador, Texas, Roy Ratcliff spent most of his childhood in California.  After graduating from high school in Wichita, Kansas, he attended and graduated from Oklahoma Christian College in 1970.

He has ministered in churches in Kansas and Wisconsin for over thirty-five years and has been the preaching minister of Mandrake Road Church of Christ for the past fifteen years.  Since his unexpected encounter with Jeffrey Dahmer in 1994, he has discipled prisoners in several Wisconsin prison facilities and currently sees six men in various prisons each month.

Roy and his wife Susan have two grown children.

Roy Ratcliff

Books by Roy Ratcliff

Roy Ratcliff, with Lindy Adams - Christian, Religion, Spirituality

The account of Jeffrey Dahmer, widely told in great detail, speaks of unimaginable depravity --- necrophilia, murder, dismemberment and cannibalism. A decade ago, the news of his unspeakable crimes shocked the world as the name of Jeffrey Dahmer became synonymous with twisted brutality and perversion. In prison, Dahmer’s dark journey crossed paths with deep grace. Though convicted and sentenced to 15 consecutive life sentences by the U.S. justice system, the most notorious serial killer of our time found mercy at the hand of God. On Tuesday, May 10, 1994, in a whirlpool in the Columbia Correctional Institution, Jeffrey Dahmer was baptized in the name of Jesus Christ by Roy Ratcliff.